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The Zombie Actors Guild’s 24/7 website is a juicy electronic brain filled with valuable information and key resources for every industry professional. Sign up now to become a member of the Zombie Actors Guild and peruse all the great Zombie talent and don’t forget to place your Zombie Casting Calls on our forums.

Find out what ZAG can do for you.

Whether your project is a multi-million dollar zombie period piece, a B-movie blood-bath or a lyrical indie piece rife with sensitive, metaphorical zombies, ZAG 24/7 gives you access to the entire ZAG universe of zombie talent. We have contracts to fit any production. Our agreements cover theatrical, television, commercial, industrial, documentary, music video and inter-active and online work.

Novice filmmakers should visit the site to find out all the ins and outs of our low budget agreements.

Seasoned professionals can use the site to find information relating to their projects such as Global Zombie Rule One, current rates and union provisions. You’ll also have access to iZombie, ZAG’s revolutionary online casting directory, complete with automated Station 13 clearance.

Need contract provision verification for your client? Need to check on basic protections? Information is at your fingertips. Before sending your clients into the frey, find out about Global Zombie Rule One. Verify that a performer is cleared for work with our Station 13, and use our Locate a Performer feature to ensure your clients’ contact information is current.

Casting Directors
One of the key features of is iZombie, Zombie Actors Guild’s revolutionary online casting tool. Logged in users can search the entire ZAG talent pool by a variety of keyword queries, and automatically verify that a performer is cleared for work with our Station 13 section. Need to find our union rules and protections? It’s all here.

Once you are registered and logged in to your online account, you’ll have full access to all of these features and more.

Coming soon even more resources, downloads and links to help producers (both Human and Zombie) make better films and employ more Zombie Actors and Stunt Zombies

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