Zombies Actors Unite!
The time for action is now
We need you to help make difference for hard working Zombie actors everywhere.

First you need to become a member of the Zombie Actors Guild.

United We Groan!
Zombie Rule One is one of the founding principles and strengths of our union: we stand together as Zombie actors and do not work without a contract. ZAG’s bottom line is that ZAG will do whatever is necessary, whenever necessary to earn and protect Zombie actors rights and benefits.

Check the backside of your Zombie Actors Guild membership card, and you’ll see the most important rule to which ZAG members must abide. Zombie Rule One states that no member shall work for or agree to work for a producer who is not signatory to the appropriate ZAG agreement. Starting January 1, 2009 Zombie Rule One will be vigorously enforced in new media by whatever means necessary. New media means the Internet, cell phones, PDA’s, video games and any other technology that may be invented in the future. That means that every time you work on a project intended for new media, you need to be covered by a union contract. Being covered by a ZAG contract right from the start is a good thing because in new media, you never know where you’ll find an audience or how successful a project may become.

When Zombies stick together, we all win. Act as One! *

*NB – By which we do not mean, all act the same. Given the pernicious typecasting of Zombie actors as brain-dead shambling goo-machines we need to emphasize the importance of literally acting individually while metaphorically acting as one in the sphere of Zombie activisim.

More Information
For more information on Zombie Rule One, contact ZAG: zag at zombieactorsguild dot com

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