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It is time to join the world’s fastest growing entertainment labour organization for zombies.

  • Are you a zombie working as an actor/stunt performer in the cinema, television and/or new media industries?
  • Are you dead tired after working long hours as an extra chasing humans around the set?
  • Are you in a dispute with a producer over that incident where you ate a locations PA (or two)?

Then you need to become a member of the Zombie Actors Guild.

With the number of zombie movies, games and websites worldwide at historic high levels we the hard-working zombies behind the scenes represent one of the most, if not the single most, powerful global cultural work forces. Yet when was the last time you saw a zombie with a head credit, let alone a head? Brains on the craft services table? After a hard day of chasing slow-moving humans around the set, who pays for that zombie chiropractor? Who understands that just because you can’t die, doesn’t mean it won’t hurt when that first-time director calls for take one million of the arm-ripping-off scene?

At Zombie Actors Guild we’re working hard to address these urgent issues and more. We work with the best zombie lawyers, agents, acting coaches and activists, giving voice to those who have none, often due to their decomposing vocal cords. Help us to crush the soul-crushing “vitalism” shambling through our global culture, marginalizing us all both on-screen and off. Together our groans will be heard!

ZAG continues to grow in the way only an army of the undead can. Keep checking our site for even more content.

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